Consider the Rock

Isaiah 51:1


: This morning I start a mini-series entitled, ‘Consider the Rock,’ from the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 51:1,

“Listen to me, all who hope for deliverance — all who seek the LORD! Consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined.”


Language clarification

: NLT for use of word ‘


(and my preferred preaching and devotional text) but then care full study of text and agreement that the word used by the NLT for deliverance is best translated best as

you who follow/pursue


as used by most other translations.

So here it how we will translate Isaiah 51:1,

“Listen to me, all you follow after righteousness, seek the Lord! Consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined.”

(Working text for this message)

Brief Context

: Before and After chapter 51




: What I want us to remember is what we should ‘consider’ this morning as found in these verses.

I. Consider the


Within the first 8 verses of Isaiah, there are 3 unites whose ligatures, are indicated by the presence of the imperative, “to listen.”


: Three stacks of papers (folders) tied together with one big rubber band that then constitutes on bigger file.

Verses 1-3 are a folder

Verses 4-6 are a folder

Verses 7-8 are a folder

What I want to recognize is not only the material / content of these folders but also on the fact that they are given in the imperative sense. Any time you find an imperative tense in the bible it speaks of ‘a command.’

Verse 1 – Listen!

Verse 4 – Listen!

Verse 7 – Listen!


: The second thing we take into consideration (as an imperative) is what we are to do/follow.

II. Consider Practical Behavior and Proper Conduct


: This whole 3


part or last part of Isaiah is all about seeking the Lord and doing what is right!

Point to consider #2, importance/significance of pursuing what is right in relation to the Lord.


: The third consideration for us this morning comes from verse 3, ‘the Lord will comfort….”

III. Consider the comfort that will come to Jerusalem/Zion

(as a wilderness as against the territory separating exiles for the homeland)


: So now, here it comes, as we the command to listen, to seek and to follow righteousness,

what’s next is the promise of blessing and comfort as opposed to the desert where we lived in the past



: Consideration point #4, Isiah gives us a specific individual to encourage/bless our understanding.

V. Consider the Past / Sarah

(Once barren, bereaved, exiled, put away)

Why not use the usual suspects as examples? Abraham, Jacob, Israel?



Possibly and probably because Sarah at one time was




, put




: We look back at what and how are where we are at in terms of God’s blessing and favor, considering where we were at without him!


Isaiah 49:17-21



: Our last point to consider, is this whole ROCK thing!

Consider the Rock, from which you were cut, and the quarry from which you were mined!”

V. Consider the Rock

(Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52)

Who is this Rock? It’s the Suffering Servant that is described and prophesied about in chapter 52, whom we know and believe to be Jesus!


: We are who we are and have the potential to be all the best that God provides as we recognize who we are, where we came from, and what awaits us because of who our Rock Is!

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