February 4 – Finish the Race

2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18


: Super Bowl Sunday. Sunday where champions are crowned.

Paul speaks on behalf of three different groups;







I. US – 4:1-2

Starts with a Blast – Charge – vr. 1


: Trump blast…. CHARGE!


= To testify; to confirm a thing by testimony, cause to be believed.

“I solemnly testify/charge you before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ,”

“Who will someday judge the living and the dead…”


: But I’m not a preacher! Timothy was…that’s right.

2. Be Prepared


: How can I/we do this if not a preacher. (My simplest of recommendations)

We are called to:


– to convict, refute, generally with a suggestion of shame of the person convicted, to bring to light


– show honor, to raise the price of, to mete out due measure, hence to censure


– strengthen, comfort, support

All rebuke and no encouragement = harshness, resentment, bitterness and rebellion.

All Encouragement without rebuke = apathy, entitlement, shallowness and immaturity.



: Paul speaks about all believers, then address those who aren’t and then concludes with himself….gives a testimony.



Paul says clearly that he is pretty much done. He realizes that time and ministry are soon to run out. He considers himself as on the eve of being sacrificed, and looks upon his blood as the libation which was poured out on the sacrificial offering.

Listen to the incredible Faith of a Champion!

A. Fought

(A Good Fight)


: When I think of wrestling or today’s modern boxing and now MMA stuff, I think of a couple of things:

Paul is saying, “I have struggled hard, and have overcome, in a most honorable way.”

B. Run

(Race) /

Finished the Course


: Training regiments for


: Some have lost their sight; others have actually lost their lives!

C. Finished / Kept



: As the laws of these games must most diligently be observed and kept, (for though a man overcome, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully),

So, Paul is saying, I have kept the rules of the spiritual combat and race; and thus, having contended lawfully, and conquered in each exercise, I have a right to expect the prize!


: It takes a lot to be a real champion! Through Christ, (his work on the cross and the resurrection) and by his grace which keeps us and empowers us to live, we too have the goal of being crowned a champion!

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