Greater is He – March 11 Notes Ready for Review

1 John 3:23-24; 1 John 4:1-4


: This great and often quoted verse in 4:4, is one that I have used, quoted, held on to, etc. since day one of my born-again journey.

I wouldn’t think it would be completely wrong how we have used or applied this verse to our situations but rather id say we’ve used this verse (to our advantage for sure) without fully understanding among what else is around it.

(May want to explain/teach about context).

Three Movements of hermeneutics:



: Moving on from that brief explanation, let’s move into the context (so as to be properly exposed) before I move into life principles and applications for us as believers.

The context of this verse “greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world,” in couched during the coming Anti-Christ and the spirit of Anti-Christ which is found in the bible.

This is not a message about last days, (what is called eschatology), so I don’t want to delve into it any farther than I need to, but I for now will explain this:


– Bible prophecy of the end time talks about a mysterious figure called the Antichrist (also called the “man of sin” and the “false prophet”) before the second coming of Christ.

This term literally means “against Christ” and is variously defined as “adversary of Christ” or “opponent of Christ” and as a title or proper name for a specific individual who opposes and claims to be Christ.

“The term anti-Christ appears to have become increasingly equivalent to a proper name as the personification of all that was opposed to and contrary to the role and ministry of Christ.”

According to the apostle John’s writing, there is a spirit of antichrist, which is a spirit of opposition to the identity of Christ. Specifically, he was writing to warn of the dualistic heresy that denied that Christ lived as a physical human being (1 John 4:3; 2 John 1:7).


: So here we go, this teaching section is about how the believing community is to deal with and overcome not just ‘The Anti-Christ’ but the spirit or nature of all that is anit-Christ.


: Let’s make it easy on ourselves but not thinking about a person but rather a spirit / nature that is anti-Christ.


: Where does it, or where do we begin wrestling and overcoming anything anti-Christ?


: What is Greater?

‘This is the commandment, that we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another,..”

This term literally means “against Christ” and is variously defined as “adversary of Christ” or “opponent of Christ” and as a title or proper name for a specific individual who opposes and claims to be Christ.

This is where / how it all begins!


It is when we really discern, approve and consent and trust him that nothing can be greater!


This then (knowing, believing) leads us into the formation and pursuit of His Ways and Words.

Verse 24,

‘And he that keeps his commandments.’


So, let me re-phrase this or make the connection this way, ‘Greater is he who keeps God’s ways and Words, than anything this world can throw against you.’

God’s Ways and Words:


Once God’s Ways and Words are activated in our lives, we’ve got more than a fighting chance to advance, prosper and ultimately win against evil.

So, we connect ourselves to the fullness of who Jesus is; Messiah, Lord, King and then we connect to His ways and words.


: What we are asked next to do is to ‘test every spirit.’

‘Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.’



 How do we determine what we believe, trust or follow? If you are looking into anything and have more than one source that differs, what do we do?

Hopefully, a little research:


: The same must be true if the God that is our God is to be greater than opinion, lies, heresy’s.


: How do we ‘test’ the spirit(s)?


: Not from culture or strictly philosophy or psychology but from those who are Godly first and foremost.

Not from Dear Abby

Not from Astrology

Not from our Compadres and Comadres


: How is God Greater in Us (than all other in this world)?

Our identity/relationship, our pursuit of ways and word, our testing of ‘spirits’ and then lastly, our perseverance in Him.


: What must we know/persevere in?

A. Knowledge that we are: children, loved, overcomers.

B. God is big in us!

The verse does not say, “Greater am I, than who is in the world!’ It states, ‘Greater is He that is in Me…’

C. We have overcome (through Him).

D. He hears us.

E. God gives us His Spirit to discern.


So greater is He (God himself, His Spirit, His Word, and His Power than anything and every-thing that is Anti-Christ.

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