June 12 2016 – Life is short

Ecclesiastes 3:1


As most of you are aware Sara and I had the opportunity to witness some pretty incredible stuff a few weeks ago.


One of the questions that I’ve been asked is what left the most lasting impression. My answer (maybe strangely enough to some of you) is time itself. Whenever you stand in places / locations that are 400-600 BC….geez! When I consider the number of my days (to live) it’s quiet impressive! So my thoughts come from this base or foundation.


Solomon the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes lays out in the book a pretty incredible story.

The wisest man that ever lived and that had all things tells us that everything is vanity! 38x word vanity is used. Lest we be confused by the word in our language the word vanity is hebel {heh’bel} or (rarely in the abs.)

Meaning:  1) vapour, breath 1a) breath,vapour 1b) vanity (fig.) adv 2) vainly

For clarity, what Solomon is saying is not since life is short let’s party because nothing else matters! Solomon does not have the same attitude that is described by Jesus in a parable he teaches in Luke 12:13-21.  

Read: Luke 12:13-21

Question: So what do I want to say to you today?

I. Determine what is really important.Here is a list of the things Solomon declares not to be as important as hefirst imagined:Chapter 2 – Pleasure / Self Indulgence – 2:10, “Whatever my eyes desired Idid not keep from them.”

Chapter 4 – Selfish Toil / Work – (As opposed to the value of a good friendand doing things together.Chapter 5 – Gain and Honor (Comes at a heavy price)Question: SO what is really important today?Solomon mentions good friends, helping others, keeping promises/vows,honoring and obeying authority, of course knowing, fearing and loving God,and then the true value of Godly wisdom and understanding!


• Write letters

• Make Phone calls

• Encourage someone

• Bless someone

II. Decide how to make it happen.


• Forgive

• Move On

• Get right

• Grow a backbone

• Grow Up – Mature

III. Don’t deviate from what you understand to be God’s Will.Read 12:1; 9-14


• Address obvious distractions

• Accumulation of material

• Keep God at top of your priority list

• Believe that what count is what lasts

• Fight the Urge to quit

Conclusion: Life is short and only what matters matters!

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