Know Me O God

Psalm 139

  1. Being Well Know by Him – 139:1-6

Verse 1. [O LORD, thou hast searched me] The word rendered searched,

  • has a primary reference to searching the earth by boring or digging, as for water or metals.
  • See Job 28:3. Then it means to search accurately or closely.

[And known me] As the result of that search, or that close investigation. Thou seest all that is in my heart.

  • Nothing is, or can be, concealed from thee. It is with this deep consciousness that the psalm begins; and all that follows is but an expansion and application of this idea.
  • It is of much advantage in suggesting right reflections on our own character, to have this full consciousness that God knows us altogether;
  •  that he sees all that there is in our heart; that he has been fully acquainted with our past life.

Verse 2, ‘You know my sitting down, standing up, my whole thoughts…’

  1. Being Fully Within Range/ Sight – Psalm 139:7-12

In that place….God will:

  1. Guide / lead me
  2. Strength / Right hand will support
  1. Being ‘Marvelous’ – Psalm 139:8-18

  2. We’re complex

  3. We’re marvelous / wonderful / wonderfully = distinguished, extraordinary, miraculously.

  4. Precious = prized, esteemed, valuable, highy valued, costly.
  1. Being Inspected – 139:23-24
  1. Search me – examine, investigate

  2. Know me – know by experience, recognize,see

  3. Test me – examine, to be tried

‘my anxious thought’ = disquietd thoughts.

  • Point it out to me = any offensive / wicked / hurtful ways.
  • Lead me – guide , bring, lead forth
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