No Love

1 John 2:15-17


: We stay in 1 John and address an interesting couple of verses.

Because 1 John 2:15-17 can create the image of an all-encompassing view, clarity is needed.

Greek word is


is a big word, it covers a lot. =

What is at issue here is the facts that many of the things available to us become a competition against God.


The problem is that there are definitely things like Endowments, riches, advantages, pleasures, etc., which although







stir desire



from God and are


to the cause of Christ

Again, a good way to think about this is what pulls us away from God. Competition like I just said.

James 4:4 has a very similar theme,

Adulterers and


adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.’ (NKJ)

Word friendship is



You’ve all probably heard it said that Christians are ‘in, but not of,’ the world.

That primarily comes from a passage in John’s Gospel 7:14-19

Notice Jesus’s references to his disciples being “not of the world.” Verse 14:

“The world has hated them because

they are 

not of the world

, just as I am 

not of the world


And there it is again in verse 16: “

They are 

not of the world

, just as I am 

not of the world


Here’s a good impulse in the slogan “


, but not 




: So, what exactly is John referring to?

I. The Worlds Values

The world can be conceived or understood as a system of values and goals from which God is excluded.


: The second issue coming from John has to do with worldly cravings.

II. The Worlds Cravings

– verse 16

John specified its contents under three well-known phrases that effectively highlight the world’s false outlook. Men of the world live for the cravings of sinful man. “Cravings” translates ‘


, which is used twice in this verse and once in the next verse. The NIV translates it differently each time: “cravings,” “lust,” “desires.”

In the New Testament the word usually, though not always, connotes desires that are sinful



: The third problem that is considered worldly is its boastings.

III. The Worlds Boastings

– verse 16

The boasting of what he has and does paraphrases the Greek

he alazoneia tou biou

(lit., “the pretension of human life”), which signifies a proud and ostentatious way of life.


= the laying of a claim to something. a claim or title to something.




a claim made, especially indirectly or by implication, to some quality, merit


A claim to dignity, importance, or merit.


the act of 


 or alleging.

Christians ought to have nothing to do with such worldly perspectives as these.

IV. The Worlds Desires –

verse 17

1 John 2:17After all, the world and its desires (


) are temporary and pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.


: So, is it ok to go to the prom, or a party or a crazy, loud sporting event or even a non-Christian concert? Is that loving the world?

The truth is that only you can answer that question and our answer needs to examine our values, cravings, boasting and desires.

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