Peace and Good Will

Peace and Good Will

Luke 2:1-14


: Within the first fourteen verses of Luke we find one of the Christmas narratives.

Before I look at the purpose and the heart of my application for this year’s Christmas message, I want to look at a few things in the early verses.

I want to discuss the taxed, the tenants, the gift, the guests and then, the purpose (for my application today).

I. The Taxed

(Burden) – 2:1-2

A tax has always been seen by most as a burden. Something extra, not a pleasant thing.

A burden I will liken to our sin! Sin is a burden! It comes at a cost!

II. The Tenants

– 2:5

Joseph and his engaged bride Mary. Even though there was no room for them!

III. The Gift

– 2:7

Prophesied child is born! Isaiah 9:6

IV. The Guests

– 2:8,9

I consider everyone outside of those present and those of Israeli ancestry as guests, so…everyone else! (You and I).

V. The Purpose(s)

– 2:10-14

a. Peace

b. Good will Toward Men


Peace with God is the grand necessity of a fallen world. To bring in this, in whose train comes all other peace worthy of the name, was the prime errand of the Saviour to this earth. This effected, Heaven’s whole “good will to men” or the divine complacency [eudokia, cf. Eph 1:5,9; Phil 2:13, etc.] descends now on a new footing to rest upon men, even as upon the Son Himself, “in “whom God is well pleased” [eudokeesa, Matt 3:17]. Bengel notices that they say not ‘glory to God in heaven,’-but using a rare expression – “in the highest” heavens [enhupsistois], where angels do not aspire (Heb 1:3-4). [The reading, ‘to men of good will’ – en anthroopois eudokias – is introduced into the text by Tischendorf and Tregelles, after Lachmann-on the authority of the Alexandrian and Beza manuscripts (A and D); but chiefly on the strength of the Latin versions, and from the difficulty of accounting for so uncommon a reading occurring at all if not genuine. In this case the sense will still be agreeable to Scripture doctrine-`to men of (His, that is, God’s) good will,’ or the objects of the divine complacency; not as the Romish Church, after the Vulgate, take it to mean, ‘to men of good disposition.’ But the great preponderance of manuscripts and versions is in favour of the received reading; nor will the objections to it, as spoiling the rhythm, appear of the least force in the view we have given of it above, but just the reverse. DeWette, Meyer Alford, and Van Osterzee, are decidedly in favour of the received reading.] 

Question: What is my Christmas message / hope for you?

Peace! And Good Will!

With God and with Others



I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old familiar carols play

And mild and sweet their songs repeat

Of peace on earth good will to men


And the bells are ringing (Peace on Earth)

Like a choir they’re singing (Peace on Earth)

In my heart I hear them

Peace on earth, good will to men


And in despair I bowed my head

There is no peace on earth I said

For hate is strong and mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good will to men


But the bells are ringing (Peace on Earth)

Like a choir singing (Peace on Earth)

Does anybody hear them?

Peace on earth, good will to men


Then rang the bells more loud and deep

God is not dead, nor doth He sleep (Peace on Earth, peace on Earth)

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail

With peace on earth, good will to men

Then ringing singing on its way


The world revolved from night to day

A voice, a chime, a chant sublime

Of peace on earth, good will to men

And the bells they’re ringing (Peace on Earth)

Like a choir they’re singing (Peace on Earth)

And with our hearts we’ll hear them

Peace on earth, good will to men


Do you hear the bells they’re ringing? (Peace on Earth)

The life the angels singing (Peace on Earth)

Open up your heart and hear them (Peace on Earth)

Peace on earth, good will to men

Peace on earth, Peace on earth

Peace on earth, Good will to men


: How is Peace and Good Will toward men manifest?

1. Patience (w/God and others)

2. Grace

3. Unity

4. Genuine Love

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