Peter Principles – Week 2


: The writer calls himself an apostle


of Jesus Christ. ‘Apostle is also Paul’s favorite self-designation at the beginning of letters.

In Luke and Acts, the term ; ‘apostle’ is the official designation for the 12 who followed Jesus in his ministry and were chosen by him to establish the church in the poer of the Holy Spirit.

The five administrative offices, gifts, or as some call them, “The Five-Fold Ministry” is found in Ephesians 4:11-13:

Language about ‘exile’ in 1 Peter seems to show an analogy between the Christians of Asia Minor and the Jews who were exiled because they are separated for a time form their eternal home. The stress is not so much on the fact that they are far from home (whether an earthly home or a heavenly one). The designation emphasizes the fact that they are surrounded and outnumbered by the citizens, the natives, who misunderstand then and who constantly test their faith. Followers of Christ in Asia Minor are the new dispersion, scattered among opposing Gentiles, the majority community of the pagans.

A possible forerunner of 1 Peter is found in the letter that Jeremiah wrote to the exiles in Babylon (Jer.29:4-23). This portion of Jeremiah’s letter foreshadows the call of 1 Peter to its readers. They are to find their identity among the pagans where they are exiled. In part this means being exemplary citizens of society that abuses them and hooring the authorities that rule this alien land (see 2:13-17).

1:2. ‘

To the chosen exiles of the dispersion…destined by God

.’ The purpose for which the Christians of Asia Minor was to be obedient to Christ. What makes their obedience possible is the gift of his blood.

Elect’ according to the foreknowledge of God’  –

Very large and substantial study and argument really.

Romans 8:28, 29






1) a delegate, messenger, one sent forth with orders 1a) specifically applied to the twelve apostles of Christ 1b) in a broader sense applied to other eminent Christian teachers

Assemblies of God position paper on Apostle and prophets

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