What will He Find?

July 12th – What Will He Find?


: There are a couple of important questions posed in Luke 18 I would like to consider.

The question that moves this message is in verse 8, ‘when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

Context of Luke 18 – Parable

18:1 – Set’s the mood…that men ought always to prat, and not faint….


: Why?

The parable is about vindicating the elect when the Lord returns: 2 Players

(1) Unjust Judge

(2) Persistent Widow

[And shall not God avenge his own elect] 

And will not God the righteous Judge do justice for his chosen? Probably this may refer to the cruel usage which his disciples had met with, and were still receiving, from the disobedient and unbelieving Jews; and which should be finally visited upon them in the destruction of their city, and the calamities which should follow. But we may consider the text as having a more extensive meaning. As God has graciously promised to give salvation to every soul that comes unto him through his Son, and has put his Spirit in their hearts, inducing them to cry unto him incessantly for it; the goodness of his nature and the promise of his grace bind him to hear the prayers they offer unto him, and to grant them all that salvation which he has led them by his promise and Spirit to request.

[Which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?] This is a genuine characteristic of the true elect or disciples of Christ. They feel they have neither light, power, nor goodness, but as they receive them from him; and, as he is the desire of their soul, they incessantly seek that they may be upheld and saved by him.

[Though he bear long with them?] Rather, and HE is compassionate toward THEM, and consequently not at all like to the unrighteous judge. Instead of makrothumoon, and be long-suffering, as in our translation, I read makrothumei, he is compassionate, which reading is supported by ABDLQ, and several others. The reason which our Lord gives for the success of his chosen, is:

1. They cry unto him day and night.

2. He is compassionate toward THEM.

In consequence of the first, they might expect justice even from an unrighteous judge; and, in consequence of the second, they are sure of salvation, because they ask it from that God who is toward them a Father of eternal love and compassion. There was little reason to expect justice from the unrighteous judge:

1. Because he was unrighteous; and

2. Because he had no respect for man: no, not even for a poor desolate widow.

But there is all the reason under heaven to expect mercy from God:

1. Because he is righteous, and he has promised it; and,

2. Because he is compassionate toward his creatures; being ever prone to give more than the most enlarged heart can request of him.

Every reader must perceive that the common translation is so embarrassed as to be almost unintelligible while that in this note, from the above authorities, is as plain as possible, and shows this beautiful parable to be one of the most invaluable pieces in the word of God. 

[He will avenge them speedily.] Or, He will do them justice speedily-, instantly, in a trice.

1. Because he has promised it; and

2. Because he is inclined to do it.

[When the Son of man comes] 

The Question

: [Shall he find faith on the earth?] Or rather, Shall he find fidelity in this land? Shall he find that the soil has brought forth a harvest proportioned to the culture bestowed on it; No! And therefore he destroyed that land.


: What will he find: Personal

• Peace or Hostility?

• Grace or Judgement?

• Patience or impatience?

• Love or Hatred?

• Unity of Dissension?

• Faith or Frustration?


: What will He find: Church

• Unity or dissension?

• Progress or problems?

• Holiness or excuses?

• Righteousness or unrighteousness?

• Strength or weakness?

• Growth or grudges?

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